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How We Evaluate Websites:

        Excellent -     An excellent site with good information, graphics, links, and educational value.  Usually includes lesson plans.  Usually includes multiple sections and topics. 

        Very Good -   Almost as good as Excellent but not quite, maybe some of the links are missing or there aren't enough of them.  Maybe there are fewer graphics or it's just a smaller site.  Maybe there is just less information or there are no lesson plans or educational sections.

        Good - Frequently a site with a single type of information or topic such as a crossword puzzle or game.  Still has good value as an information or a research site for students or teachers.  Does not contain lesson plans or those that are there are brief. 

Important:  Don't assume that the only valuable sites are rated Excellent.  A "Good" site may be just what you need.

Website lists are designed to be used by teachers and students in grades K-12 although many are not limited to those grade levels.  Where possible, we note appropriate grade levels. 

A Note About Webquests    - What they are - How they work - How to create one  

Many lesson plans, classroom activities and webquests are easily adaptable
to your location or other grade levels.  

To search for a particular word or topic on any list, click on CTRL+ F  to open a webpage search box!

Addiction/Substance Abuse (Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco)       

African American/Black History                       

Ancient and Modern China        See China - Ancient and Modern

Ancient Egypt  

Ancient Greeks and Romans     

Astronomy, Solar System & Space        Updated June 2010

Authors and Literature -      NEW LIST!  JUNE 2011!

Aztecs, Inca, and Maya       

Bullying, Vandalism & School Violence       Updated January 2011

Careers & Career Planning        Updated February 2010

China - Ancient and Modern       

Civil War and Reconstruction   

Climate & Weather       

Dental Health           

Dinosaurs & Fossils       

Earth Day and the Environment      

Earthquakes and Volcanoes    Updated March 2011

Explorers & The Age of Exploration     

Fire Safety              

Food and Nutrition        

Geology and Earth Science            Updated May 2011

Greek and Roman Mythology - See Mythology in World Cultures    

Hispanic/Latino Heritage     


Inventors and Inventions   


Live Web Cams  

Martin Luther King, Jr.    


The Middle Ages    

Mythology in World Cultures       

Native Americans      

New Jersey        

Oceans and Marine Life         Updated June 2011

Plants and Gardening               


Solar System and Space        see Astronomy, Solar System and Space

Thanksgiving & Pilgrims     


Women's History       

World Languages           Updated October 2010

World War II     

Note: Website links are active as of the date on the top of the list page.  We try to update an many lists as we can every school year.

We welcome suggestions for websites to be included in our lists.

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